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Beyond Summerland Novel, 2024

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Jersey 1945. In the immediate aftermath of Liberation from the Nazis, Jean Parris and her family wait anxiously for news of her deported father.

But now a different kind of war is unleashed - a war amongst the islanders themselves. And as Jean, now a young woman, begins to question everything, she soon discovers not only the truth about her family, but the full implication of her own deceptions.

Beyond Summerland is a page-turning story of ordinary people in extraordinary times, and a tale of long-buried family secrets. It explores suspicion and prejudice, female friendship, and the fictions we cling to when we cannot afford to let them go; it is also a story of survival and the dangers of finding oneself on the wrong side of history.

The Girl From The Channel Islands Novel, re-publication, 2022

front cover of the novel The Girl From The Channel Islands

Lecoat’s debut novel, The Girl From The Channel Islands, was originally published in the UK by Polygon in 2020, and re-published in 2022. It made both the New York Times and Der Spiegel bestseller lists in 2021, and is now published in thirteen territories: 

UK (Polygon), USA & Canada (HarperCollins), Australia (Allen & Unwin), Argentina (El Ateneo), France (Mercure de France), Germany (Bastei Lubbi), Sweden (Historiska Media), Norway (Aschehoug), Poland (Proszynski), Israel (Modan), Portugal (Porto), Czech Republic (Moba), Romania (Prestige)

Portugese book cover, photographic, a woman pushing a bicycle, watching world war two fighter planes fly overhead
German book cover; photographic, a woman holding letters in front of her
Australian book cover, illustation, a woman standing on an island headland overlooking a beach, fighter planes fly overhead

The book is based on the true story of Hedy Bercu, a young Jewish girl who fled to Jersey from Vienna to escape the Nazis, only to find herself once more trapped when the Germans invaded in 1940. The story of her struggle to survive the five year Occupation, involving a relationship with a German officer and eighteen months hidden away in the home of local woman Dorothea Le Brocq, is an extraordinary tale of terror, courage and forbidden love.

French book cover; photographic, a woman in period dress holding a suitcase
Israeli book cover; photographic, a woman in a trenchcoat embracing a man in uniform
Polish book cover, photographic, monochrome image of a woman walking down a 1940s street with a swastika flag hanging from a doorway

…a vividly evoked story of love surviving, even triumphing, over oppression

The Sunday Times

…a compelling and beautifully written fictionalised account

Australian Daily Telegraph

…a captivating, heartfelt and rewarding debut…stimulating, emotional and engaging

Love Reading

Lecoat capably combines historical fact with the fictional narrative, and offers a cast rich with multidimensional characters. Readers will be riveted.

Publishers Weekly

An unforgettable tale of friendship, love, courage and survival. I loved every word of this fantastically engrossing novel. Jenny Lecoat is an author to watch!

New York Times bestselling author Kelly Rimmer

The Girl from the Channel Islands springs to life with cinematic clarity. With the story’s every dramatic turn, Lecoat raises profound questions about our understanding of trust, friend, and foe.

Ellen Keith, author of The Dutch Wife

Another Mother’s Son Feature Film, 2017

monochrome photo of Louisa Gould, a middle aged woman with a round face, taken in the 1940s
The real life Louisa Gould

Lecoat began the research for this project in 2012 as a way to tell the story of her great aunt Louisa Gould, who sheltered an escaped Russian slave worker from the German forces on Nazi-occupied Jersey.

Betrayed (the family believed) by neighbours, her great uncle Harold was deported to Germany, eventually becoming the only British survivor of Bergen Belsen, whilst Louisa herself met her death in the gas chamber of Ravensbrüch.

The feature film, portraying the relationship between Louisa Gould and the young Russian slave worker whose life she saved, starred Jenny Seagrove, Julian Kostov, John Hannah, Amanda Abbington and Ronan Keating. Produced by Bill Kenwright Films it was released in UK cinemas, receiving huge press attention and praise from many reviewers.

movie poster for the film Another Mothers Son

…heartfelt, robustly presented drama

The Guardian

The strength of Lecoat’s script, and of Menaul’s direction, is the almost total avoidance of melodrama… shrewdly placed details bring a neglected aspect of WWII vividly to life.

Total Film

…an accurate and absorbing account… I do urge you to see a film which chronicles such an overlooked chapter of World War II.

The Daily Mail

quietly impressed

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review

Diana — Last Days of a Princess Television drama-documentary, 2007

This television drama-documentary by Dangerous Films, combining real footage of the princess, interviews with news journalists and dramatized scenes from her final weeks, was released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Diana’s death.

The scripted sections, written by Lecoat, were heavily informed by the Paget report carried out by the Metropolitan Police in the investigation of her death. The film, starring Genevieve O’Reilly and Patrick Baladi, was shown in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, U.S., Australia, Russia and India.

DVD cover of the show Diana Last Days Of A Princess